page title icon 10 Easy Side Hustle Ideas That Can Make $10K+ Per Month

Do you know there are many easy side hustle ideas that can produce good returns with minimum up-front investments? In this article, you’ll find 10 easy side hustle ideas that can make $10,000+ per month.

Trust me there are many side hustles that have the potential to generate a few hundred dollars extra every month. But there are also some side income ideas that have the potential to generate $10K+ a month or more.

Elaine Pofeldt researched US entrepreneurs who have created a business with over $1 million in revenue with a single employee. You can find the information in her book The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business.

Elaine found that these million dollar business falls under six categories: Content Creation, Real-estate, Personal Services, e-Commerce, Manufacturing & Creative Businesses.

10 Easy Side Income Ideas That Makes $10K+ Every Month

In this article, we have listed down 10 easy side hustle ideas with a low-cost investment that has the ability to create a side income of $10K/month.

Start A Blog

A blog is a wonderful source of side income for many reasons. You can easily make $10,000+ per month, you get flexible working hours, and the cost to start a blog is also minimal.

Being a blogger will help you develop skills that are highly paid and in-demand. Even if you don’t make $10K+ from your blog, you’re still building strong career capital. Along with blogging, you can freelance your skills, or you can use your skills to land a high-paying job.

Start An Agency

Easy Side Hustle Ideas for agency

Start by selling your skills as a freelancer, once you have a client base, create a system that allows others to do the work. An agency can be created in many fields like Advertising, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, SEO, Social Media Marketing and list goes on.

If you don’t have anything to start, go with being a virtual assistant or a proofreader.

Ability to deliver higher-level skills/services such as graphic designing, coding, or accounting – allows you to create an agency quickly and scale up at a faster rate.

Create An Online Course

You know you have knowledge that can benefit others, then you’ll find a huge number of platforms out there that make online course creation very easy. If you have expertise in any field that can help others in upgrading their skills and expertise, then you should go for it.

Platforms, where you can create and upload courses, are Udemy, and Teachable.

There is a huge opportunity here, as people from all across the world can access your course from their homes. If you don’t have any idea what to start with, you can explore the platforms where you’ll get a lot many ideas.

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Create An eCommerce Store

Do you know eCommerce sales grew by 44% in 2020? Nowadays more people are shopping online after the pandemic. This has created a massive opportunity for all types of manufacturers and sellers across the globe.

There are many niches in which you can build an eCommerce store like:

  • Selling Digital Products: You can sell digital products like graphics, PDFs, photos, customized workout plans, home chef meal plans, and much more. The options are endless in this niche.
  • Selling Your Own Goods: You can sell physical products as well on marketplaces like Facebook, Etsy. Here you can sell handmade products, crafts, jewelry.
  • Print On Demand (POD): POD is another easy side income idea in which you create a t-shirt design and when you make a sale, you place the order to the manufacturer to create the customized T-shirt who ships it directly to your customers. POD can be done with many products like Hoodies, Mugs, Phone Cover, etc.
  • Drop Shipping: Dropshipping is a fulfillment method where you don’t have any products in stock. Whenever you make a sale, you purchase the product from a 3rd party who ships it directly to your customer.
  • Amazon FBA: In this side hustle you have to source products and send them to Amazon. While Amazon will take care of all the fulfillment needs to get the product delivered to the customer, and even handles returns. Your main focus will be to build your brand.

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Invest In Real Estate

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, you’ll need a good capital amount to get started. Also, there is some risk involved in this, because if you don’t have huge capital it will require using borrowed money.

If you don’t have the capital today, think out of the box there are other ways to make money in real estate. You can become a part-time real estate agent or work as an assistant for a successful real estate investor.

Before you start investing yourself, build your knowledge in real estate investing, so that you know what is a good deal and when to invest in it.

Start A Podcast

easy side hustle ideas podcast

Do you know why everyone is starting a podcast these days? It is a phenomenal way to grow a business rapidly.

Popular podcasters make really good money from direct sponsorships, similar to blogging there are multiple additional revenue sources like affiliate, coaching, and subscription.

To launch a podcast you just need a good quality smartphone. In the future, you’ll have to make some investments down the road in equipment like microphones, and audio editing software. But these will be needed later.

Become Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencers get paid hundreds of dollars for a single social media post. There are many businesses out there that are willing to partner with the influencers for their promotions. You can start by choosing a single platform and grow your follower base gradually.

Many small businesses want to utilize the power of influencer marketing, who have loyal followers, even with fewer numbers of highly engaged followers you can partner with brands.

Also, along the time you will develop skills while building your social media presence which will enable you to freelance in the future — a role that can pay handsomely, as these skills are in high demand. This is one of the easy side hustle ideas that can be done with paid marketing as well.

Create A YouTube Channel

Similar to all the easy side hustle ideas in this list, there is a huge growth opportunity on YouTube. In 2020, YouTube has paid around $8.5 billion to the content creators of their platform.

In blogging, it takes some time to build the audience to make $10k+. This is the same on YouTube as well, one needs to have a huge audience base to supplement this YouTubers can also go for affiliate marketing and direct sponsorships.

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Start Freelancing

As a Freelancer, you’ll have dozens of opportunities to work with clients including high-growth startups, industry-leading brands. Freelancing is one among the many easy side hustle ideas which have massive growth potential.

To succeed in freelancing, one just needs a client base. You can find clients on marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. We have compiled a detailed guide on How to start freelancing online as a beginner.

Trade-in Stock/Cryptocurrency

trading easy side hustle ideas to make money

There are plenty of ways to make money quickly through affiliate marketing, freelancing but trading is another way that can help you make money faster but it involves huge risk. Risk is the only reason I have kept this at the bottom of the easy side hustle ideas list.

In trading, having more money to invest is the best way to start. But it’s not necessary, as long as you have the right strategy that works for you, all you need to do is scale.

If you know you’re making twice the amount you are investing, you’ll continue to invest in it. Getting success in trading is all about making the right entry and exit and money management.


A lot of people who want to make side income go for shortcuts, instead they should go for creating values. Everyone wants to make $10,000+ per month from easy side hustle ideas but there are only a few who want to put on some real efforts.

The side hustle ideas listed above will provide you a real opportunity to achieve your goal. But it’ll need hard work, time, and some sacrifice outside your full-time job.

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