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You want to make sure you get known for the good work you do, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what your superiors are looking for in employees. Here’s how to stand out from colleagues at work this year.

Nowadays working remotely has become the new normal for many workplaces, it has become a challenging task to let your employer notices your hard work through the computer. If you are also working from home, you might feel – that your hard works go unnoticed.

The new relationship between remote managers and their employees has both pros and cons. The employees enjoy flexibility, comfort, and safety while the managers can exercise a more hands-off approach. Even when doing additional work, it can go unnoticed when you’re so far away, and managers can’t easily keep an eye on everything.

10 Ways On How To Stand Out From Colleagues

Not all organizations are cut-throat, but in some way, you’ll always be competing with your colleagues whether for a raise, promotion, or choice of project.

To make sure you’re at the top of your boss’s list always, you have to stand out at work. While some people naturally stand out, not necessarily for their good work. Here are 10 ways on how to stand out from colleagues at work this year.

Understand Office Culture

how to stand out from colleagues at work

Remember what’s fun at one job may be considered inappropriate at another. If you move from a content writing job to an accounting firm, chances are your attitude, wardrobe and vocabulary may need some adjustments. Not every change is that extreme, but with the jobs and companies, cultures vary.

Once you know how the place works, then you can see how to fit in easily.

It will take some time to figure out the culture, but once you know, it’ll make a huge difference in your ability to make connections among your coworkers and superiors. This will help improve your performance at work and help you stand out among your colleagues.

Start Strong Right Away

When you start first at a new job, you might not know exactly what you will be doing, but you should show a sense of ownership and responsibility. You can do this by showing your ability to work by actively taking notes and learning.

Embrace the new challenges, volunteer to take on tasks, and show a sense of responsibility for your work, this will easily help you stand out from colleagues at work.

You can also follow up with your colleagues after team meetings, show a willingness to learn, and help them when needed.

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Offer Advice On Improving Process

Some companies are so accustomed to their old process of doing things, it takes a new employee to point out how it can be done more effectively. If you ever notice any area of improvement, suggest it to your boss/team lead.

True signs of a leader is somebody who goes out of their way to find which process can still be optimized and works on it.

Those who can provide useful feedback in both direction (up and down) shows a fundamental understanding of the importance of feedback. Also, it demonstrates your ability to find inefficiencies. It’s a skill that’s difficult to teach, so it always helps you stand out at work in leadership positions.

Ask Questions

how to stand out from colleagues at work

You may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but asking questions is a great way to make yourself stand out at work.

By asking questions, you’re displaying your commitment to learning more about the company and how you can better perform in your position. Asking questions also creates conversations that might never have happened otherwise.

Also, it lets your supervisors know that you care. Before you provide any suggestion, show some interest, engage with others and take the information.

Increase Your Value by Increasing Your Skills

Learning something new and getting faster and better at work will increase your value. Take the time to research and take training and other opportunities to improve your skills. You can work on both Soft skills as well as Hard skills.

Don’t always wait for your company to send the training or development opportunities. It is your job to upgrade your skills and addon values to yourself, to become more indispensable.

Remember by increasing your skills and value also helps you in negotiating the salary when you ask for that raise. It proves that you’re worth it.

Always Help Others

If you only offer help to those who are at higher level in your company, your colleagues might gossip about you behind your back. But if you’re known for helping everyone in your organization, it will earn you a lot of respect.

This way, you become the go-to person for everyone anytime there is an issue that needs a solution.

Suppose, if are good at excel formulas, and you see your colleagues are struggling, offer them help. They won’t forget how easier you have made their life, and it won’t be weird if you do it for your boss as well.

Don’t Be Afraid To Argue Productively

Agreements and disagreements will always be there in organizations while making decisions. But how you handle it is what makes you stand out from colleagues and get you noticed. Participating productively in such conversations can position you as an upcoming leader in the organization.

Strong managers are used to providing direction and get it followed, but great managers know their perspective is limited. So, they always look for others to provide suggestions and feedback, this is where you’ll come up and add value to the leadership team.

You can always help a leader by asking questions, they might not have thought about, show problem areas in their plans before they face the issues.

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Don’t Wait To Be Told What To Do

In your company, if you have a light work week, tell your leader you’re ready to take on more responsibility. If you’re bored with doing similar tasks, tell your boss you want to learn more and explore other opportunities. It shows that you want to drive, have ambitions, and willingness to do anything that comes up in your way.

Don’t worry about your colleagues, let them think what they want to. You know what are your goals in your career path and if it helps you accomplish them, what other coworkers think of you shouldn’t matter.

Be A Connector

how to stand out from colleagues at work this year

The more you get along with your coworkers, the more you leaders tend to notice you. You don’t have to be the most social, but you should show up in celebration of events and company outings. Getting everyone involved is a great way to get noticed and this is how you stand out from colleagues at work.

Organizing events or meetings with your colleagues is a great way to engage. People will find you as someone who is outgoing and can be associated with fun. If you’re a little introverted, try to connect with others while having coffee/tea.

This way, you’ll be seen as someone who gets along with coworkers and makes an effort to know everyone around you.

Be A Servant Leader

One don’t have to be a manager or associate manager to practice leadership. Even as a new employee, you can work to help others.

The people who stand out at work as a potential leader not only focus on setting themselves up but they also help others in setting them up for success. Leaders make sure everyone’s needs are met before their own, they encourage collaboration, and create a positive attitude among the team.


It takes effort to stand out from colleagues at work. While it’s very easy to come to work, meet the requirements, and go home, but it won’t make you stand out. If your goal is to get a raise, promotion, or if you want to become a CEO someday, being lazy won’t get you there.

To stand out at work, you don’t need to do anything extraordinary. Simply you need to do your job properly, connect with coworkers, ask questions and support the people around you.

If you follow these simple steps on how to stand out from colleagues at work, surely your bosses will notice you.

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