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The employee benefits and perks remain a major opportunity for most companies, who aren’t taking full advantage of the appeal of non-monetary benefits for most employees.

If you’re looking for a new job, you should also look for the best employee benefits beyond the salary that can make you happy and wealthy. Obviously, the pay is important but, it’s the employee perks and benefits that make the workplace enjoyable.

Sometimes, companies offer you a high salary than their competitors, but the bigger check pay may not give you the best value once you factor in the other benefits.

10 Best Employee Benefits To Look For In A New Job

The employers whose focus is on employees need like healthy work-life balance, lower stress are the one who comes out strongest. In some cases, these employee benefits can be negotiated while some are governed by a document and can’t be changed. In this article, you’ll find the best employee benefits to look for in a new company.

1. Paid Time Off

The name for it varies from company to company. It may be called PTO, Vacation leaves, or Paid leave. Employees who go for a higher paycheck and don’t have much paid time off struggles to take time off. Due to this employees don’t perform well and aren’t as productive as they can, overworked, and remain distracted.

Always try to negotiate more paid time off, even though it goes against the established policy. Companies may offer you more official paid leave benefits.

2. Raise, Bonus & Over-Time

Top 10 best employee benefits

Knowing your total compensation package is very important, you must know how much you’ll be paid beyond your fixed salary. Ask if you’re eligible for overtime, in some countries overtime pay is generally governed by law.

Bonuses and raises are another best employee benefits a candidate should look for, as it plays a big factor in your total package. You can do your research about this on sites like Glassdoor.

Organizations that offer higher pay package initially but only gives raises for major promotions may not be the best choice. Though companies who offer a good amount of annual raises may result in higher pay down the road.

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3. Insurance

Many employers offer health, vision, dental, life insurance. When comparing insurance options, always ask for an insurance plan document. This will give you an idea about Premiums, Coverage options, Deductibles.

Do you know on average employer pays 67% of a family health insurance plan’s cost? This can provide massive savings. While insurance offered by companies isn’t negotiable, it’s necessary to understand what you’re being offered.

4. Work From Home Opportunities

The opportunity to work from home is one of the best employee benefits the workplaces are offering nowadays. Sometimes people may want the option to avoid the office to save on commuting time and costs. While some people work better when kept away from the distractions of the workplace.

Every HR personnel has noticed the benefits of remote work during the pandemic.

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5. Paid Trainings

Paid training can be a big money saver, as it will help you learn more skills, certifications and grow towards your goal. These are offered to help you learn skills and to maintain certifications relevant to your career and companies benefit.

Employees want to move forward in their careers and when the employer offers benefits that give them the opportunity to enhance their skills and stay ahead is a win-win for employers.

6. Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement can benefit the employees who want to have the option to pursue further education or a graduate degree. Though, Tuition reimbursement doesn’t mean you can study anything.

Tuition reimbursement can benefit employees and the companies providing you the option to pursue a bachelor’s or a graduate degree. Even so, tuition reimbursement doesn’t mean you can study anything.

Before you go for it make sure to go through any repayment or employment restrictions associated with the benefit. If you leave the company before your agreement specifies you might have to repay certain costs.

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7. Student Loan Assistance

As the student loan crisis is continuously growing, more employers are now helping with the repayment of student loans. Though, one may have to meet certain criteria to qualify for the workplace’s student loan assistance program.

Such programs offer monthly, yearly payments. Lifetime maximums on the total amount repaid or program time limits are standard.

8. Family Planning

10 best employee benefits family planning

Paid parental leave has become one of the best employee benefits candidates are looking for who are married. It’s very nice to be able to expand your family without worrying about money. More and more companies are providing up to 12 weeks of paid leaves for both men and women.

Some companies are also offering assistance by sponsoring child education.

9. Personal Health Benefits

Many companies have started offering health-related benefits apart from insurance. Some have a small gym inside the premises where any employee can use. While others offer free or discounted services on a regular schedule, such as dental care, body checkup, massage therapist once a month.

This is one among the best employee benefits that can save you a small chunk of money.

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10. Free Meals

When your employer provides free coffee, meals, and snacks, it can save you a lot of money and hassles of bringing your own food to the company. It is one of the best employee benefits that one should look forward to.

Many workplaces offer this perk, it’s a genuine way to say thank you to employees. While some companies may use this to get you to give in more hours at the workplace. Consider the motivations behind the perk before assuming it as a benefit.


Before you sign the offer letter, get the specifics of all the best employee benefits that are your top priorities. When reading the policies, also look for the commitments and motive behind those perks.

Remember, a job can pay more than the salary if you go for the best employee benefits and perks. The best employee perks can result in a much different compensation package when viewed as a whole with your pay.

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