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While readings a book is one-person activity, but do you know there are many people that would benefit from your new knowledge. Let’s see how you can get paid to read books online.

The best side hustles are the ones that combine both making money and your favorite hobby/passion. For passionate book readers, getting paid to read books is a dream come true.

Is it true to get paid to read books online? Yes, you can and there are multiple ways to make money from your home. Professional reading jobs do exist, and they can offer you a good amount of money. If you want to get paid to read books online, below you can find some of the best ways for book readers to make money.

6 Interesting Ways To Get Paid To Read Books Online

One of the best ways to get paid to read books is by writing book reviews. Some of the top book review sites pay book readers to share their opinion in a detailed review. They also offer free books in order to get reviews.

Getting paid reading books is not the only way to get paid reading books. Depending on the amount of time and creativity you have, you can make more money from the below options.

1. Start A Book Review Blog

This is one of the best ways apart from writing a review for a particular company. You can create a blog around book reviews and start writing reviews on the blog for the books you have read. You can easily monetize your blog with any ad network.

There are various ways to make money with a book review blog, like:

  • You can make money with affiliate sales from book referrals.
  • Selling digital products such as book journals, reading trackers.
  • Partner with book authors and publishing companies to write sponsored articles.

2. Create A Book Review YouTube Channel

get paid to read books online

Starting a blog is easy and anyone can do it, there is also another way by creating a YouTube channel around book reviews. If writing isn’t your strength but speaking is then you can start a YouTube channel or podcast to review books.

YouTube is the best source to drive quality audiences these days. You can make money by Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, Direct sponsorships or you can even offer paid subscriptions to your podcast.

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3. Become An Audiobook Narrator

Audiobooks have grown massively in the last few years, thanks to Audible. If you’re a good voice and acting, you can get paid to reads books aloud as a narrator.

This is another side hustle idea you can do sitting at home if you want a flexible way to make money online. It requires a very small setup cost and equipment like a microphone and a way to record your voice.

You can find audiobook narrator jobs on sites like or ACX. You can also check Upwork to find paid audiobook narration freelance gigs.

4. Become A Book Proofreader/Editor

get paid to read books online and review

Do you know before books are published, they go through multiple rounds of edits and proofreading? Yes, the editors review the content of the book and provide revisions to help improve the clarity, flow, and ideas. While Proofreaders look for spelling errors, grammar errors, punctuation errors, and capitalization errors.

If you don’t have any editing or proofreading experience, these are skills you can easily learn by taking an online course. You can also provide these services on sites like Upwork, Fiverr before starting your side hustle to get paid to read books online.

5. Become A Freelance Book Review Writer

If you are good at writing, you can start your side income as a freelance book review writer. Freelance book review writers work with many different companies and brands. They write reviews of the books on sites like BuzzFeed Books, BookBub, Book Riot alongside their blog.

As a freelancer, you’re not an employee while professional review writers work for one particular company, this is the only difference.

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6. Become A Translator

As you want to get paid to read books online, you have to come up with new ideas and creativity. If you have strong command on a particular language, you can work as book translator. This is not a trending job but one can easily get into it.

Apart from translation, you can offer many other services like eBook formatting, Book Cover Design, Book marketing services, and much more.


There are endless possibilities if you want to get paid to read books online.

Having a hobby is a great thing but having a hobby that makes you money is much better. If you love reading books then you can make it a side hustle to get paid to read books online. You can always try different ways to see which one works best for you.

In my opinion, starting a book review blog can be very profitable in the long term if you’re able to monetize it properly. But you can make some quick cash writing books review or by freelance proofreading jobs online.

Keep on experimenting, the more you explore more possibilities of getting paid to read books online increases.

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  1. These are some really very good ways to start earning through books. Audible is not accepting new proofreaders in my country so I am going for other options now!
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