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Ready to start your search for work from home jobs to make money? Having access to an updated computer and an internet connection is essential to make money from home.

There are many professional ways to work from home and make money online, especially after the worldwide transition to remote work after the pandemic.

Do you know online jobs pay better than regular office jobs? Yes, there are numerous ways to make money on the internet but you need to work hard and keep patience before you start earning from online jobs.

10 Legit Work From Home Jobs To Make Money Online

In this article, I’ll show you the 10 best legit and trending work from home online jobs by which you can make some real and quick money. Go through them and you can then choose the most suitable work from jobs according to your skills, requirement, and your work schedule.

1. Sell Any Service on Fiverr or UpWork

Selling services on Fiverr or Upwork is one of the best ways to start your work from home jobs. As they both are the world’s best freelancing marketplaces which have millions of clients seeking services. If you have got the required skill, then you can sell your services on one or both of these sites.

The best way to get your first gig is to choose a highly specialized task that matches your skillset. We have kept this at the top as Fiverr and UpWork both offer jobs in almost every category. You can find jobs from entry-level to expert level.

2. Become Online Tutor

online teaching work from home jobs to make money

One of the great ways to earn money online is by teaching others and making a difference. If you want to teach students from the comfort of your own home, then many sites connect you with willing learners all over the world.

The teaching subjects can vary depending on your experience and educational background. You can expect an average pay of $15-$20 per hour in the beginning.

Online tutoring work from home job is quite consistent, as most of the sites have a high demand for good teachers.

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3. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing jobs have always remained a job with high demand and high earning potential. Experienced freelance writers with expert knowledge of a particular niche can earn as much as $0.25 per word.

During my career, I have worked multiple times as a freelance writer as I love writing and have my expertise in various niches.

There remains a strong demand for quality freelance writers always, so getting started is easy (even as a beginner). It offers flexibility to work so if you can meet your deadline, it doesn’t matter when or where you work.

4. Virtual Assitant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are simply remote administrative support jobs. This can be started as an independent contractor for any company or you can find clients on sites like Craiglist, Indeed, or Upwork.

VA jobs vary based on client needs, one can expect tasks like posting on social media, managing email or customer support, editing, etc.

This is one of the trending work from home jobs to make money starting as low as $10 for small gigs.

5. Transcription Jobs

Transcription work from home jobs is one of the best ways to make some side income without any experience and investment. It involves transforming audio & video recording into texts.

This audio file can be an interview, podcast, speech, lecture, medical prescription, or any other audio file. Majorly, these audio files are in English so one must have a good command of the English language.

Normally people get paid around $15-$25 per audio hour. According to TranscribeMe, $2200 is the top monthly earnings and $250 is the average earning.

6. Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is another freelance job that has a good demand as online content growth is increasing. As a proofreader, one has to check the other’s work for grammatical errors. There is a good opportunity to grow, such as growing from proofreader to editor of publishing agency or blogs.

The pay is quite decent starting from $10/hour. It is very easy to get started with no skills and credential requirements. The only downside is proofreading requires extreme attention to detail and work can get monotonous after some time.

7. Translation Jobs

Translation jobs are another form of work from home jobs to make money if you’re bilingual. There are sites like LanguageLine that allow you to translate audio and text to another language to make money.

Some perks of translation jobs are:

  • It gives you a decent pay starting from $12.5/hour
  • Easy to get started if you’re fluent with any of the demanding language.
  • Lot of opportunity to earn more as you gain experience.
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8. Data Entry

online data entry work from home jobs to make money

Data entry is another popular work-from-home online job for people who are looking out to make money without any skill. It requires fast typing speed and basic knowledge of English.

Data entry jobs can be found on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Naukri, and other popular online data entry jobs. Find out more about online genuine data entry jobs here.

One can get paid around $150-$500 per month if you work as a full-time data entry operator.

9. Captcha Solving Jobs

Captcha solving job is another work from home job to make money where you need to check captchas and type correctly. It’s the easiest job available on the internet these days. Many sites provide captcha entry jobs. One just has to register and start solving captchas.

You can get paid $1-$2 for typing 1000 captchas, these 1000 captchas can be typed in an hour as per the typing speed. One can easily make $100-$200 from captcha-solving jobs by spending 2 hours daily. You can learn more about captcha typing job sites here.

10. Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing is very trending work from jobs these days. But it requires digital marketing skills if you want to make some money online. On the internet one can find numerous digital marketing courses available from where you can get knowledge.

A digital marketer can make a decent income starting as low as $500/month at the beginning with no limit to earnings as you grow.

Some of the high paid digital marketing jobs are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google Ad Expert
  • Growth Hacker
  • Copywriter
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing


Whether you’re looking to make quick money from home or making a career in remote jobs, there is no shortage of opportunities on the internet.

If you’re looking to start making money online quickly, you can start right now. You can choose any of the online jobs from this list and work from home. You can even work on multiple online jobs.

If you’re looking for something with more long-term potential, make sure to check out our guide to get started with freelancing online

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